Dorothee van Wieringen

Personal Business Coaching


Improve the quality of your business life

You are a successful professional, entrepreneur, manager and your career is going well. Perhaps you are at a crossroads or you feel the need to take controle of everything again. More focus on your talent and passion and other solutions for the things that distract you. Themes such as:

or more specific points of attention are addressed with the goal: Soul and personality alined, leading to authentic power and balance. More fun, less stress, more flexibility and space!

Personal Business coaching

Coaching you as a professional and as a human being. Getting or staying on the right track. Clarifying your coach’s questions and taking clear and pragmatic steps to achieve structural changes and results. Clear definition of your ambitions and goals! You can get to work immediately and will feel improvement straight away. Read more…

Strategy for career and life

In an intensive and enlightening conversation, in which questions are asked that are rarely asked and which mainly get you thinking, with the aim: clear insights into your purpose, passion and drive. The result is a tailor-made strategy that will inspire you to get started immediately. Read more…

Business Sparring Partner

You are in need of reflection, feedback, a fresh look from the outside! To spar with someone outside your company (or family and friends), allowing you to openly discuss the issues that you need to discuss, but which are often difficult to discuss within your own environment. Read more…

ABOUT ME - Dorothee van Wieringen

After a successful career working in media and for multinationals with jobs in marketing, communication and sales it was time to find my purpose and look for what really drives me. Soon it was clear that I really wanted to work with talented people who work from authentic strength and by combining my curiosity and experience, a coaching practice was a natural step. After following some masterclass in coaching I started Public Presence in 2013.

Successful professionals are often distracted by their success from what they love to do most. I help my clients back on the desired path, where work satisfaction and focus are paramount. In a decisive method, the most important issues are quickly revealed and with practical solutions, you gain insight into how to change them.

In just 1 (reasonably priced) session we get to the essence and afterwards you can get to work with the new insights, recommendations and action points!

Take the first step TODAY

I have prepared a list of 9 questions for you that you can receive for free via email. Questions like:

  • What do you like about your current work, what really gives you energy and what don’t you like to do?
  • What would you like to spend more time on at work?

Receive all the questions to immediately get a better idea of what you would like to change and how you can become happier in your work.

Accountability Partner

As an accountability partner, I hold you accountable for the goals you have defined. The proverbial “stick behind the door” to help you reach those goals. Everyone recognises it:

  • lots of To Do’s on your list
  • Procrastination on tasks that are less appealing to you.

By talking to each other on a regular basis, we check the goals and significantly increase the chance of achieving your goals.

Are you ready for focus?

I will help you to work with passion, from your strength, focused and inspired.

So that you are not only successful, but successful and happy.

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